Hey everyone.

Where I live, it's winter now, and as a consequence of snow and an incompetent driver (I'm guessing ), I've just undergone a sudden power outage that caused me to discover something very unpleasant. Once the power came back on, I fired up the computer to get back to what I was working on and to my surprise, I see that the document I was composing in Seamonkey, was not autosaving, and even further surprised that the Seamonkey composer window is incapable of autosaving!!! (I was researching components for a friends new computer build, so I of course have lost the document and a huge amount of time.)

I love composing emails Etc in Seamonkey, because of it's ability to do links, anchors, pics Etc, without having to deal with a drop down menu (I hate that).

Do any of you have any suggestions on an alternative that can autosave, and especially, can do links with a single button click.

Any and all suggestions are welcome and of course, appreciated.

Thanks all. Kirby