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Thread: Try Kubuntu Without Installing failing

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    Try Kubuntu Without Installing failing

    Hi, I'm fairly new to ubuntu and am having a problem with using the 'try kubuntu without installing' feature.

    I downloaded Kubuntu 10.04 and wanted to try it out before installing it completely. Last week I restarted my computer (with the install disc in my PC) and was able to successfully try Kubuntu without installing it (via the on screen options that came up). This week though, when I follow the exact same steps, it fails to load. I get to the screen that has the 5 main options (try without installing, install, check disc, test memory and boot from HD) and select the 'Try Kubuntu without Installing option. My PC spins up the DVD drive and the screen goes blank, but then all of a sudden, my PC reboots. I've done this a few times and haven't had it load Kubuntu. What am I doing wrong (compared to last week) or is there something going on with my PC that won't allow it to load?

    I'm running on an Intel board (DG451D) with a Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 processor and a e-GeForce 8600 GTS video card.

    Any and all help is very much appreciated.

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    Re: Try Kubuntu Without Installing failing

    It is hard to say what is causing this. Generally you do get a less stable experience when running directly from the cd in comparison to a hard drive install. I don't think you are doing anything wrong however.

    If I'm to speculate, it could be caused by the cd having got a small scratch during the week; it could also be that it is more or less coincidence whether it works or not.

    What to do?
    1. Sometimes you get a 'verify cd' option when you boot from it, run that and check that the cd is still fine, or
    2. Burn a new cd with either exactly the same version, or another version (such as 10.04 if you used 10.10 and vice versa), or
    3. Try booting from a usb instead.
    4. Try regular Ubuntu instead (in my experience, it is more stable).

    Hope you get it working. Otherwise, as I said, it will probably work better if you install the system to hard drive. But then, to do that, you often want to check that it works well from the live cd first: catch 22
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