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Thread: ISO and Video_TS folder problems with .24 from autobuilds

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    ISO and Video_TS folder problems with .24 from autobuilds

    So I did the autobuilds thing to get up to .24 and it worked great!

    Everything was flawless except MythVideo. It is working about 50% of the ISO's that I have stored (which is the main reason) I wanted to give .24 a try. These are ISO files that were ripped using AnyDVDHD, so I know that the encryption has been removed. Can somebody tell me if this is common?

    When it does play the ISO, it seems considerably slower than playing an ISO the way I used to on my frontend from my backend with NFS. Is this normal?

    Finally, I also tried storing some of these backed up DVD's in the VIDEO_TS format, but I can't even get the frontend to see these in the storage groups. I may be doing this one incorrectly as I couldn't find any documentation of how this is supposed to be done. I have a folder called "name of dvd" and below that is a folder called "VIDEO_TS". Myth does not seem to be recognizing these as videos even though they are located in a storage group directory.

    As always, thanks for any help offered. And keep in mind I am still very new at this so if you can give me actual commands or step by step I would be grateful.

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    Re: ISO and Video_TS folder problems with .24 from autobuilds

    ...still going through some of my .iso files that have no css and some work (SLOW) and some do not.

    Anybody have any ideas?

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