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Thread: Testing for Creative/Bison Ali M5603c webcams

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    Re: Testing for Creative/Bison Ali M5603c webcams

    I managed to install the driver, the image works but it is very dark, nearly black.

    I have a couple of suggestions to make the installation a little more straight forward for newbies like me:
    -I think I've installed loads of useless things, maybe you could include in the package an essential .config file that contains only the useful lines? One that can be copied directly in the directory?
    -in ubuntu many of the commands must be preceded by sudo
    - about step 3)
    Deselect everything except gspca/m5603c
    cd ./v4l-dvb/v4l
    make menuconfig
    the "deselect" line should come after "make menu config" line, I think.
    maybe you could add a couple of lines to explain the deselecting thing?

    EDIT: for the brightness issue no2498 suggested to install v4l2ucp, a control panel for video regulations.
    in my experience the "brightness" control makes it crash but with the gamma control I got a fair image.
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