paultag writes:

Hello, World!

Welcome to the election 2010 vote!

I'm now accepting votes for the Ohio Council. Please send an email to
with who you'd like to vote for. You may vote via name, number or
bitmask. Feel free to GPG encrypt your vote to me. You may do that by
running the following set of commands:

curl | gpg --import
sensible-editor vote
cat vote | gpg --encrypt -r B7982329 > vote.asc
rm vote

and attach vote.asc in your response.

I will be logging and archiving the votes for future leadership ( and
to authenticate the election, if need be ).

Good luck to all the candidates!


1. William Chambers
2. Patrick Best
3. Jon Buckley
4. Jacob Peddicord
5. Chris Miller
6. Stephen Michael Kellat
7. Michael Gilbert

Don't vote in this thread -- use email to send your votes in private.