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Thread: how can i use the desktop theme i downloaded

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    how can i use the desktop theme i downloaded

    i downloaded elementary gtk theme, how can i set it 2 become my desktop theme, i alrdy hv installed compiz, fusion icon, emerald, and compiz config pls help

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    Re: how can i use the desktop theme i downloaded

    If it is a simple tar.gz package you can open Appearance preferences and drag and drop the package and then select it like other themes. If it has an Emerald package with it , you will have to extract the package by right clicking and select extract here .

    Install the GTK package as stated above and for the Emerald package open Emerald and import the package and select the theme. To activate Emerald type emerald --replace in the terminal and press enter.
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    Re: how can i use the desktop theme i downloaded

    Was it this one?

    If it is, then it is a zip file called This will need to be extracted before you can use it because it is a zip file.

    Inside it is a folder called elementary and a archive called elementary.tar.gz You can use the elementary.tar.gz and import it into the Appearance Preferences theme window. That window supports drag and drop of .tar.gz files.

    Or you can copy the elementary folder to:
    /usr/share/themes/ (so all users on your ubuntu can use the theme)
    /home/yourname/.themes/ (this is a hidden folder in your home folder and only you can use the themes in this folder) You might need to create this hidden .theme folder.

    When your done it should look like this

    Now you can change to that theme in the Appearance Preferences theme window.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: how can i use the desktop theme i downloaded

    Hi! im using Ubuntu 10.04.I am trying to achieve tis look

    i've tried copying the foldet to .~/themes folder....also i've installed the murrine and equinox engines
    one more thing im assuming that 10.10 themes work on 10.04

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