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Thread: Star3 multicolour "test pattern" screens

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    Star3 multicolour "test pattern" screens

    I got the Star3 in August and it's been half way around the world with me and generally working well since then.

    One or two times at power on I've had multicolour flashing screens that look like the old TV test patterns. I power off and then reboot ok.

    This evening I had the multicolour flashing screens when I tried to reactivate the Star3 after it had timed out, the screen lock had come up and the screen brightness had gone down. That worries me more because it I had to hard power down an established session with all the potential consequences for loss of data and file system corruption. I ran chkdsk and it reported no errors so hopefully I'm ok.

    I've seen references to this in one other post about a Pangolin which says it has something to do with ATI drivers - does that apply to the Star3?

    Should I update the display drivers? Is this a hardware problem?

    I will be taking the Star3 on another long trip early next year and I depend on it a lot when I'm away.


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    Re: Star3 multicolour "test pattern" screens

    That's a very interesting issue. I can't say I've ever seen that, but the ATI issue definitely doesn't apply here.
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    Re: Star3 multicolour "test pattern" screens

    This has been happening intermittantly every few weeks.

    ctrl+alt+delete followed by enter almost always shuts down the machine so I deduce Linux is still running minus the display. I think that isolates the problem to the display/driver/X. I tried ctrl-alt-backspace to restart X but that didn't help.

    This time I had my camera handy and took a video of the screen patterns. They repeat approximately every 15 seconds. It is P1030721.MOV quicktime 16MB. It's too big to attach, probably too big to email but willing to try. I can ftp.

    My one year warranty expires sometime in the end of August. What do I have to do to have this covered under warranty if it becomes a constant problem?


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