Hi all,

I spent several hours trying to find this info so this isn't a cop out for easy help....

Does anyone know the command to list out the video input/alias names for an installed camera? I used it once but didn't write it down. It listed whether a camera was aliased to composite1, camera, camera1 etc.

I use Gerd Knorr's Webcam program on several machines successfully in Linux. I recently added a MAC with VMWare running 10.04 ubuntu. Cheese, and gucview all see the iSight camera fine. Knor's program config file requires a parameter "Input=" which is "camera" for my Logitec Quickcam and "camera1" for my Logitec 9000. The default "composite1" does not work.

I can see "video0" added to /dev when I activate the iSight camera so I know that param is ok in the config file and as I said, Cheese sees the camera fine.