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Thread: SSH Public Key

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    SSH Public Key

    I'm trying to setup SSH key-based authentication between my Mac OS X laptop and an Ubuntu 10.10 Server. I've created the keys (both public and private) via Terminal on my Mac with ssh-keygen.

    I opened up the generated (public key) generated on my Mac and noticed at the end it has a line in the form of <user>@<host> and the <host> attribute is currently set to my Mac's computer name.

    Should I change this value to the name of my server instead (so it would read <user>@<server host>)? If I don't change it and it's supposed to stay the same, doesn't that mean each and every client has their own public key (with a custom <user>@<host> combination)?
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    Re: SSH Public Key

    No you can leave it as it is, it doesn't really matter what it says. I think that's just there so you can identify them easily.

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