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    <p><a href="">Colm MacCárthaigh</a> gobsmacked himself — and us! — with some <a href="">impressive stats</a> that show Ubuntu tidily outperforming Solaris Express on Sun’s Niagara-powered T2000. Given that Niagara is optimised more for throughput and thread-count than raw number-crunching, Colm benchmarked Apache web requests. He reports that <em>“the result is stunning. Ubuntu is now outperforming even Solaris express, and we?re sustaining 22,183.43 requests per second - using out of the box Apache 2.2.0.”</em> Way to go!</p>
    <p><center><a href=""><img src=""></a></center></p>

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    I have been looking for the right project to put a T2000 onto, what with all that multithreading power. Which Niagara chip was the test done with? This is the 8-core chip?

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