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Thread: how to install .patch file?

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    how to install .patch file?

    Hi I have a program that has a patch that will add functionality to said program that I would like. After googling a little I find that all the answers are related to .diff files. This is a .patch. How to I patch this program.

    Thanks in advanced
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    I had a file that needed to be patched as well. I un-tared the source into a directory then moved the .patch file into that directory too. Then I ran the following commands in the terminal:

    $sudo -s

    cd into the directory that you have all your files including the patch

    your-directory#patch -p1 < xxxxxxxxx.patch

    where xxxxxxxxx is the name of your patch file

    your-directory#make install

    Hope this helps or at least makes some one else's google search shorter.

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    Re: how to install .patch file?

    Note however that patch files work only with source files. You can not patch a binary file.


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