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Thread: AD-HOC Accepts only Ubuntu-user login

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    AD-HOC Accepts only Ubuntu-user login

    I tried to setup a AD-HOC network so others can use my LAN-Internet connection trough WIFI ( this should be possible right? ).

    Im using Ubuntu 10.10.
    The connector is a windows 7 user.

    The problem is when he tries to connect, the password I setup in the Wireless Security field is not accepted. Instead if I use my Ubuntu User password ( the one im prompt to fill in when Ubuntu is done booting) it connects.

    To me this seems very wrong. This means I give away my login information for my Ubuntu account.
    On top of that, while it connects, it still can't identify my machine or make use of the internet.

    How do I make it so that the Wireless security password is accepted...Well how the hell do I make it work as a whole .

    when i setup the wireless without a security it still shows the lock icon and the windows 7 user is still prompt with a "password field" when trying to connect.

    Using Network-Manager btw

    Edit edit:
    Also do I need to connect to my own Ad-hoc ?
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