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Thread: How can I change this darn Pandora icon? [or don't I?] :/

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    Re: How can I change this darn Pandora icon? [or don't I?] :/

    Quote Originally Posted by Rasa1111 View Post
    yeah mate,
    nothing but AWN *trunk*,
    with Lucido style applied.
    Excellent, thanks. Got it installed and it looks beautiful! Nice reliable replacement for the gnome-panel. This is exactly what I've been waiting for AWN to do (this and parabolic zoom but I know they consider that immoral and sacrilegious).

    Also I ended up replacing my Pandora One icon with the theme's headphones icon. In case anyone needs to know, the icon for Pandora One (Adobe Air desktop app) is in /opt/Pandora/share/src/images/icon/icon-16.png.
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