Hey all,

Recently starting using OpenShot and LOVE it.

I've been working on a big project (about 1 hr 30 mins total), putting together lots of small different format video files. I've been adding images and music.

I had 3 tracks. Video & images on the first track. Music on the 2nd & 3rd. Maybe 150 files total in the project manager (maybe a few more). Added gradually.

After weeks of work, regularly saving, I was right at the end. Clipping the blending the last few audio files. When doing an audio clip OpenShot seem to hang. I had access to buttons but the last 3 audio edits disappeared. I closed and restarted the project.

But after opening I can longer see Track One OR any of the files in the project manager. (I've obviously tried this a few times).

But choosing Thumbnail view I can see the files, when I switch back to detail I can't.

BUT, I can still play the project, showing ALL three tracks, images & music.


I don't want to start from scratch, given all the time I've spent.

Any help very gratefully accepted.

Ubuntu 9.10, Openshot 1.2.2. Installed from repos.


a clueless idiot