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Thread: BIND DNS memory consuming

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    Re: BIND DNS memory consuming

    thanks for the tips James78

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    Re: BIND DNS memory consuming


    I'm sorry for bumping such old thread. I was having similar problem and I just spent hours in frustration before I finally find the fix.

    So I think I'll share it

    By default BIND (or named) should create several cpus worker threads to take advantage of multiple CPUs. If not specified, named will try to determine the number of CPUs present and create one thread per CPU. If it is unable to determine the number of CPUs, a single worker thread will be created.

    But in my case it creates no less than 10s memory-hungry processes, so that's the problem.

    I fixed it by editing
    OPTIONS="-n 1"
    Basically that will tell named to create fixed no. process of each processor.

    and Voila named RAM usage went from 128 mb too 60 mb-ish.

    Hope this will be useful.

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