Hey everyone, I just re-installed Ubuntu after awhile of trying out some different distros. After my fresh install I downloaded the NVIDIA driver for my graphics card and of course got the business about how it can't be installed alongside nouveau. So I disabled nouveau for one boot by holding shift during boot and adding nouveau.modset=0 to the kernel line then installed the NVIDIA driver. Problem now is though every time I restart my comp if I don't go to the grubs menu and disable nouveau it tries to start alongside the NVIDIA driver and my computer won't boot. I know It's possible to permanently disable nouveau because I did it when I had Linux Mint installed, but I can't figure it out in Ubuntu.

I am EXTREMELY NEW to Linux so although I do appreciate any help that anyone gives, it won't really be any help at all unless you can give me detailed, step by step instructions. I have really enjoyed the switch to Linux over the last few months and everyone is really helpful, but their help is usually so cryptic and assumes that you already know a great deal about Linux that it's too hard to follow. Basically, talk to me like I'm a child, lol.

Thanks ahead for any help.