I need help to create an avi version of Gojira from a DVD. I am using Ubuntu 10.04. I prefer to use CLI tools. I generally use ffmpeg for transcoding, as I have had problems with the A/V sync using mencoder on other transcodes. The problem is that ffmpeg doesn't seem to deal well with subtitles.

I have ripped the appropriate chapter from the DVD to a *vob file, using mplayer. I can view the vob using totem or vlc, and select the language track and turn on subtitles. What i would like to do now is to transcode the vob file into a avi file with hard coded english subtitles, using ffmpeg. Extracting an *srt file from the vob would also be acceptable.

The documentation for ffmpeg is not very helpful, and i have not made any headway using the "thrashing around in the dark" method. My next alternative will be to try with mencoder. If anyone has any helpful advice, i'd love to hear it!