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Thread: Intel HD4000 and 12.04 (Results)

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    Intel HD4000 and 12.04 (Results)

    Greetings all!

    I posted about a week ago if anyone had tried 12.04 with the Intel HD4000 built-in GPU.

    Most folks were equally curious, so I ended up doing some testing myself.

    Server #6 for my TeamUbuntu Folding-at-Home Server Farm got an i7-3770k (HD4000 gpu) instead of the i7-2700k (HD3000 GPU) my other 5 servers have.

    I am pleased to report that the HD4000 graphics are not bad at all.

    I use the Linux game 'Oil Rush' as my torture test on GPUs.

    On systems with the HD3000 (Linux and my OSX Mac Mini with HD3000) 'Oil Rush' is unplayable. Even with all graphic detail turned down, output at 1920x1080 is just awful.

    'Oil Rush' on the HD4000 system was another story. I did have to turn the graphic quality to the lowest settings, but then I got very nice game play. I even got a fleet of 45 ships and aircraft and did a 'fly with them POV' to take the last oil rigs - and it played nice.

    So for most things, the HD4000 will get the job done.

    If you are a real gaming nut, then you will still want to look at a mid or high-end nvidia card. I run a 'GeForce GTX 570' nvidia card in my main Ubuntu box - and it will play games at 1920x1080 with the graphics turned full up. Of course, it also makes the room rather warm (where the HD4000 did not). And the large nvidia card required a very large power supply, the large power supply needed a big case and lots of fans. So it is a trade off.

    In any case, I was pleasantly pleased with the performance of the intel HD4000 GPU built into the CPU. I think it is a fine choice for most users!

    The Hedge

    p.s. 24 'real' Intel cores (ignoring the 'hyper-threading' inflated count) and 6 AMD cores doing TeamUbuntu folding at home. We won't need to use the furnace so much this winter!
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