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Thread: Using xubuntu on a TV - Desktop Question

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    Using xubuntu on a TV - Desktop Question

    Hi there...

    I am running xubuntu as a HTPC (Home theatre PC). Anyway I have run into a problem I didn't forsee.... My HD TV (like most TVs) has a "safe frame" built into it... this means that a full HD resolution there is still a certian ammount of the screen that is not displayed, as in off the screen. I am sure anyone with a pc outputting to a Tv knows of this... the edges of the desktop are cut off.

    Dose anyone have a way I can fix this? Like a way to shrink the desktop, or w/e with out changing the resolution?

    <-- EDIT
    I read about a nvidia scaler?.. but i can not fidn it... any ideas on that...
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