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Thread: ubuntu doesn't mounts the partitions

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    ubuntu doesn't mounts the partitions


    I have an old problem that I can not resolve and makes me nervous sometimes.
    At the startup Ubuntu is not mounting the other partitions of the hard drive, but the HOME.
    I have software that needs to access the other partitions I have created (ex. Documents, Photos, Music).
    If I want these software to work properly, I have to open manually all partitions.
    I have tried to put some screenlets to see them, but after the start they are totally useless, all say no hard drive available.
    Please let me know if there is a way to "ask" Ubuntu to mount them automatically.

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    Re: ubuntu doesn't mounts the partitions

    well you need to tell the filesystem on those partitions, if they are ntfs, try the 'ntfs confguration tool'.

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    Re: ubuntu doesn't mounts the partitions
    The program in this thread will let you set your partitions to auto mount. Sadly it is a bit more difficult than just telling your computer what type of file system they are. But the GUI program in the thread makes it easy.

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