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Thread: How best to mount .iso to usb?

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    Re: How best to mount .iso to usb?

    Quote Originally Posted by desperado665 View Post
    Or try the Universal USB installer from Penlinux. It works great.

    It only works on Windows. Most of pendrivelinux's tutorials are useless if you are already running Linux as most of them work only in Windows (If I am running Linux already am I supposed to borrow a Windows machine or get into a Windows partition to make a Linux live usb? That website kinds of annoys me . )
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    Re: How best to mount .iso to usb?

    Some food for thought there, thank you.

    I went ahead and did a complete install on dad's Samsung N140. He was tearing his hair out at how slow Windows 7 was and since he hadn't any data on it anyway we lost nothing by doing it. I am typing this on his install now.

    I think I did an install via Wubi, however, on my netbook. I thought it was dual boot but now I realise it isn't.

    Anyway, I have my head around the mounting of the iso and had even considered buying some cheap 1Gb sticks and making them permanent mounts because I return to India soon where I have a really crappy 2G connection and downloading the installer again would probably take a week!

    Thanks for the discussion on this.
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