View Poll Results: How advanced do you think you are at using Linux?

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  • Total Novice -- I do not regularly use a command line and I only use graphical interfaces

    6 3.47%
  • Semi-Novice -- I use a command line in a graphical interface to correct certain issues

    13 7.51%
  • Non-Novice/Non-pro -- I have used a command line to do some things and I have tried different WM etc

    36 20.81%
  • Semi-Pro -- I use both Graphical interfaces and CLI and I feel comfortable using a command line

    72 41.62%
  • PRO -- Psh My computer runs Ubuntu 10.04 with a custom GUI (I know what im doing!)

    20 11.56%
  • Linus Torvald-like --I customize the kernel, I build my system the way I want

    11 6.36%
  • Special --Im my own category of linux power user

    15 8.67%
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Thread: How advanced are you?

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    Re: How advanced are you?

    Quote Originally Posted by koenn View Post
    no, just old.
    Not quite. 50 here.
    Quote Originally Posted by ubuntuman001 View Post
    aka, its all relative...
    Which one? The mother-in-law?
    Quote Originally Posted by Swagman View Post
    [Old Farts Mode ON]

    [Yorkshire accent]
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    Re: How advanced are you?

    Pfff...I'm so advanced that for about three years I've been using alien technology. Seriously, no bragging here but don't tell NASA.
    Debian rulz but Ubuntu it's alright either

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