View Poll Results: How advanced do you think you are at using Linux?

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  • Total Novice -- I do not regularly use a command line and I only use graphical interfaces

    6 3.47%
  • Semi-Novice -- I use a command line in a graphical interface to correct certain issues

    13 7.51%
  • Non-Novice/Non-pro -- I have used a command line to do some things and I have tried different WM etc

    36 20.81%
  • Semi-Pro -- I use both Graphical interfaces and CLI and I feel comfortable using a command line

    72 41.62%
  • PRO -- Psh My computer runs Ubuntu 10.04 with a custom GUI (I know what im doing!)

    20 11.56%
  • Linus Torvald-like --I customize the kernel, I build my system the way I want

    11 6.36%
  • Special --Im my own category of linux power user

    15 8.67%
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Thread: How advanced are you?

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    Re: How advanced are you?

    "How advanced are you?"

    Very advanced. I am human.2. You will all be upgraded or die.

    Apologies for thread hijacking, after seeing the thread title I couldn't resist.

    But on linux terms, I come in at semi pro. I could work with an arch system or similar if I wanted, I've done it before, but I really don't want to atm. I want to use my computer for the purposes it was invented.

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    Thumbs up Re: How advanced are you?

    Quote Originally Posted by sanderella View Post
    I'm a little old lady who has been using Ubuntu since Breezy Badger days. I'm still a novice, according to your poll, because I just use the GUI and rarely use the command line.

    But heck, little old ladies all over the world should be using Ubuntu! It's so easy and problem-free. YAY UBUNTU!
    One little old lady, one Methodist preacher (not technically oriented) . . . we use Ubuntu. If the world only knew about it, they could use it. I have learned more about computers using Ubuntu, but were I totally uninterested in learning anything, and just wanted to use the system, Ubuntu would have done the job. More people need to know about it and the marvelous range of software that is available.

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    Re: How advanced are you?

    About even with Bill Gates.

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    Re: How advanced are you?

    Another Uber-PRO here then...
    Most of my day to day work not explicitly handling graphical data is done
    through some terminal program or other and I can write scripts and programs
    with confidence.

    However I am also a total newbie, because the skills I have aquired so far
    have also opened my eyes so that I can see the vast jungle of knowledge I
    have yet to attain. What I do know seems miniscule in that comparision.
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    Re: How advanced are you?

    I am going to have to agree with Simian on this one (wow who would have thought?). My qualification based on the poll is "Linus Torvalds Like". I am certainly not in the same ballpark as him. (Being honest). However I am running my own customized kernel and python applications.

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    Re: How advanced are you?

    010101 010011001 010101110001


    ha ha ha ha ha 010101
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    Re: How advanced are you?

    Special - Linux Power Newb.

    Yea, that suits me nicely.

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    Re: How advanced are you?

    I dabble a bit
    This account is not active.

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    Re: How advanced are you?

    Quote Originally Posted by tweakedenigma View Post
    Although I agree I think its just some light hearted fun. No need to be so serious.
    The internet is always serious!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by NightwishFan View Post
    I am going to have to agree with Simian on this one (wow who would have thought?).
    Judging by your name and avatar/location, we also have similar taste in music and movies .

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