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Thread: Installation stall point.

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    Installation stall point.

    I am trying to install Ubuntu on an old computer. I managed last night to get 9 on but with no net functionality. I thought to try 10.4 and now 10.10 from a total of five discs. All have stalled at the same point or close to it. One disc was an ISO the others cover discs from respectable magazines including Ubuntu User which arrived yesterday.

    I can get the time zone, and then the keyboard, and then (usually) I can test the keyboard. However just now on the test of the keyboard it froze. Mainly it freezes at the next point which is entering the passwords. I cannot get beyond this.

    I did though manage to load in Debenian last night though again it failed to give me a net connection and I really prefer Ubuntu hence my sub to the magazine.

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: Installation stall point.

    If its an older PC you might wanna try the Alternate installer, as the live installer is somewhat demanding.

    You can find the alternate here

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    Re: Installation stall point.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shenachie View Post
    I am trying to install Ubuntu on an old computer....

    "old computer" doesn't tell us very much. What are the specs?

    Ubuntu is not really the best distro for elderly machines. The installer needs a fairly hefty amount of memory, GNOME is a resource-heavy desktop, and some of the default applications are not exactly lightweight.

    You might do better with a lightweight distro such as Lubuntu, which is derived from Ubuntu.

    Forget it, Jake, it's Linux (apologies to Robert Towne)


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