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Thread: intel celeron (R) 2.4GHz help.

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    intel celeron (R) 2.4GHz help.

    My desktop tower is pretty old and runs horribly slow nowadays. I only use it for a little internet browsing and to upload photographs etc. It runs on 1Gb RAM and has the celeron(R) 2.4GHz processor. What is the best way to boost overall performance speed/response times? would a better processor be viable? if so, any recommendations?

    thanks guys

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    Re: intel celeron (R) 2.4GHz help.

    A new processor would probably mean a new motherboard, which in turn may mean a new graphics card, and so on ad infinitum.

    You will probably be best served by adding another 1 GB ram, and maybe considering another desktop environment, xfce or even lxde, both of which are leaner and faster than gnome. Forget the rest as you will be better off saving for a complete new machine, in my opinion.
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    Re: intel celeron (R) 2.4GHz help.

    If you don't want to up and buy a new machine, and a different DE doesn't help (desktop environment (specified by above user)) then you could do some simple cheap upgrades. 1GB more of RAM (depending on the maximum supported by the and a new HDD. Less than $100 to upgrade both possibly, and that should help speed it up.
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    Wink Re: intel celeron (R) 2.4GHz help.

    nothing wrong with processor.... i would probaly switch from gnome desktop to xfce i.e. xubutnu and kill off all process's not nedded...

    anyway ive run ubuntu and others on a lot worse

    if you insisit on gnome kill processs not needed as well as startup apps
    etc... and there are distros that are made just for old machines

    good luck


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    Re: intel celeron (R) 2.4GHz help.

    +1 for more RAM. You can also disable the visual effects that can eat up a lot of power (sys -> prefs -> appearence).

    If you don't want to completely switch to a new distro or DE, you can change the default apps. You can try to use Thunar or PCManFM in place of Nautilus, GPicView in place of whatever is default picture viewer for Ubuntu, use Audacious in place of Rhythmbox and so on.

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    Re: intel celeron (R) 2.4GHz help.

    For the what you said you are using it for, and given the cost any upgrade to/the operating cost of an old machine. It would be finically similar in the short term and likely cheaper in the long term to look at a NetTop. they look like a thin client but have all the internals of a netbook. you can find them from time to time in the $100'ish price range and will blow the performance gains of another 1gb memory out or the water. Your existing peripherals should all work with one, so likely no need to replace anything but the tower.

    If the tower has some sentimental value though, i agree that memory is where to start. after that a new faster hard drive will add some noticeable gains. from there it gets hard to replace much more without going all the way.

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