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Thread: How to turn an USB thumb drive into a Win7 recovery disk?

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    Question How to turn an USB thumb drive into a Win7 recovery disk?

    I am considering to buy a SSD. But all SSD vendors seem to be incapable of developing a firmware update mechanism that does not depend on commercial OSs like windows.

    As I only have Linux machines I asked how to update the firmware without windows or mac and the support recommended
    download a Win7 recovery ISO and use that.
    But the SSD will be part of my NAS that won't have any CD/DVD drive. So I tried to use an USB thumb drive instead. I tried to create a bootable USB drive using unetbootin . When using unetbootin the unetbootin boot menu shows up, but the recovery system does not start. Instead the boot menu shows up again.

    I found a lot of howtos about copying the Win 7 Recovery stuff to usb and make it bootable, but all are using windows tools. I also know how to copy Linux live systems to usb and boot them, but I don't know how this can be done with a windows live cd.

    Maybe you can help me.

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    Re: How to turn an USB thumb drive into a Win7 recovery disk?

    I could not find out how a Windows Recovery CD may be booted from CD. I found a script to extract the initial/default boot image from a CD. But I know to little about booting process to use it for booting from usb.

    It is SandForce, the vendor of the SSD processors, that is responsible for the windows dependency. According to this survey there are few SSD processors competitive to the SandForce SF-1200, e.g. the Marvell 88SS9174. But SSDs featuring the latter processor are much more expensive.

    So I won't buy a SSD now and wait for a affordable SSD with a firmware upgrade tool that has no ridiculous dependencies on proprietary commercial operation systems.

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    Re: How to turn an USB thumb drive into a Win7 recovery disk?

    I have seen posts that said it worked if they just copied it or used unetbootin, but I think that was just for the full windows install.

    I tried several times to use the repair only ISO and could not get it to boot or it asked for the CD.

    I did make it work without win7 by creating the CD from the ISO and then using the CD to copy itself to a flash drive using the standard windows commands from the CD. That booted. I then installed grub2 and was able to make that boot, so I could then install additional ISO to loop mount and make a full win7 & linux repair CD.

    Some info here:

    Repair only CD
    For more info on UEFI boot install & repair - Regularly Updated :
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    [SOLVED]Re: How to turn an USB thumb drive into a Win7 recovery disk?

    OCZ has developed a firmware update tool for linux! So there is no need for a bootable windows usb drive.
    I tested this tool with my brand new OCZ Vertex 2. And it works!
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