I am considering to buy a SSD. But all SSD vendors seem to be incapable of developing a firmware update mechanism that does not depend on commercial OSs like windows.

As I only have Linux machines I asked how to update the firmware without windows or mac and the support recommended
download a Win7 recovery ISO and use that.
But the SSD will be part of my NAS that won't have any CD/DVD drive. So I tried to use an USB thumb drive instead. I tried to create a bootable USB drive using unetbootin . When using unetbootin the unetbootin boot menu shows up, but the recovery system does not start. Instead the boot menu shows up again.

I found a lot of howtos about copying the Win 7 Recovery stuff to usb and make it bootable, but all are using windows tools. I also know how to copy Linux live systems to usb and boot them, but I don't know how this can be done with a windows live cd.

Maybe you can help me.