Hey Guys --

It seems unless you're in a large community with an established LUG, the days of home grown LUG's are dead. We had one in our area from around 2001-2003 then I got it kicked back off in 2006 where we had a decent number of attendees each month... but earlier this year that number dwindled to a hand full with no meeting in almost 5 months. Even the online forum is silent.

But given there are still a number of computer users in our area who do use open source software, I'd like to try and relaunch some type of group. If not a LUG then something more open source oriented. Does anyone know of any communities with such a group? Not Linux specific per say, but more open source centric regardless of operating system?

There is one Open Source Users Group in Colorado that seems to be very close to what I'd like to launch locally, or another group in Dallas called Geeknight Dallas where they seem to focus on open source development.

Waco isn't as large as either Denver or Dallas so it's hard to create a group that's too general. Because of the smaller demographic I'm thinking it might be better to move back to a more open source centric group (instead of Linux per say) which would open the door to many more enthusiasts since FOSS is thriving on OSX and Windows as well.

I'd like some suggestions/comments from the group...

Take care --