I have been watching chuck recently and it has come into my mind of using a sports armband for my phone, which will hopefully be a samsung galaxy s3. This would. then allow my phone to rest on my left forearm like orions computer that he goves to chuck, i have also though of buying a really cheap bluetooth headset ive found on on ebay for 3 pound that would do. I would then take this apart and mount it to the bottom of my watch, so i could act as a mike the only probelm that remains is trying to find or make a disquised earpiece.

The only other probelm is getting to phone to favour the earpiec over tje speaker in the watch and the one on the phone itself. Also getting it to connect to two bluetooth devices similtanously.

I would be grateful for any opinions on this, or ant technical help for this.

I have also thought of placeing a small yet powerful torch on my watch also, but im an unsure how i would go about using a rechargable battery preferably by microusb amd would power both the headset and the torch, im guessing a larger battery would be required to run both these.