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Thread: how to use built in webcam?

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    Re: how to use built in webcam?

    Thanks Azerthye

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    Re: how to use built in webcam?

    I tried the above "gstreamer-properties" and had the same issue. it couldnt find any device. Im running 12.04.2 desktop on Gateway nv53(its ****). lest jsut say i have to use ubuntu cause my windows went awol, but thats another issue. i cant get my built incamera to work, i downloaded Cheese! and all. if you have a solution, please walk me though in code... im a copy-paste linux user XD.

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    Re: how to use built in webcam?

    Hi, welcome to the fora.

    The problem is not likely to be specific to Dell. Better to post again in Absolute Beginners Section, stating the results from all your attempts together with the output from lsusb.
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