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Thread: Rosewill RNX-N150PC PCI Ralink 3060 chip driver instructions

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    Question Re: Rosewill RNX-N150PC PCI Ralink 3060 chip driver instructions

    make -C /home/ged/Plocha/2008_1225_RT3070_Linux_STA_v2.0.1.0/os/linux -f Makefile.6 install
    mkdir: adresář „/etc/Wireless“ nelze vytvořit: Soubor již existuje (file already exists)
    make[1]: Entering directory `/home/ged/Plocha/2008_1225_RT3070_Linux_STA_v2.0.1.0/os/linux'
    rm -rf /etc/Wireless/RT3070STA
    mkdir /etc/Wireless/RT3070STA
    cp /home/ged/Plocha/2008_1225_RT3070_Linux_STA_v2.0.1.0/RT3070STA.dat /etc/Wireless/RT3070STA/.
    cp: nelze získat informace o „/home/ged/Plocha/2008_1225_RT3070_Linux_STA_v2.0.1.0/RT3070STA.dat“: Adresář nebo soubor neexistuje (no such file or directory)
    make[1]: *** [install] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ged/Plocha/2008_1225_RT3070_Linux_STA_v2.0.1.0/os/linux'
    make: *** [install] Error 2
    Hi, I have the Edimax EW-7711 and no luck bringing it to live.

    I tried to follow this (on Ubuntu 10.10) and while running the make install of the driver, I got the error message above. Any suggestions please? I'm stuck.

    (running both make and make install as root)


    I installed the new one that you postet in another thread, and the make, make install went allright,

    but when I try running the driver, it says not found - how do I find the proper name of the driver?
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