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Thread: Getting gnome_keyring to remember

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    Getting gnome_keyring to remember SSH key passphrase


    I'm running UNR 10.10. I have gnome-keyring-daemon loading on startup and the PAM modules unlocking my keyring with my password when I log in. ssh-add finds my SSH key in .ssh and loads it. It also appears on the "Private Keys" tab of seahorse. Great!

    Right now, the first time I log into SSH every session, a gnome-keyring-prompt comes up asking for the passphrase to my private key:

    Enter password to unlock the private key.

    An application wants access to the private key 'id_rsa', but it is locked.
    This passphrase is then cached on my keyring for the duration of the session (i.e. until I log out).

    What I would like to do, and what I know I used to be able to do around 8.04, is cache the passphrase on the keyring forever. It seems to me that there used to be an "Automatically unlock" checkbox on the gnome-keyring-prompt dialog that would store the passphrase in the encrypted keyring and use it to decrypt the key automatically when the keyring itself is decrypted. I don't see this option anywhere anymore. Where did it go and how can I get this behavior back?
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    Re: Getting gnome_keyring to remember

    Would a mod mind fixing my thread title? It ought to be Getting gnome_keyring to remember SSH key passphrase.

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    Re: Getting gnome_keyring to remember

    I have exactly the same problem. I think since Maverick there no longer is a checkbox for remembering passphrases of SSH keys :S (previously it was like
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