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Thread: 2010 Ubuntu California LoCo Councilor's Statements

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    2010 Ubuntu California LoCo Councilor's Statements

    The LoCo has moved to a 3 person Council structure. The new councilor-nominees are about to take their places (running basically unopposed). My hope is in the future we'll put in place some mechanism for affirmation of nominees even if they are unopposed. For the sake of completeness and setting positive precedent for the future, this post at least recounts the statements of the three nominees:

    2010 Leadership Election

    When you nominate yourself (details here), please add yourself to this table with a link to your wiki page:

    Name (and nickname) / County / Wiki Page

    (in chronological order of self-nomination)

    Elizabeth Krumbach   ( pleia2 )  /    San Francisco  /
    County: San Francisco
    While I have only lived in California since February, I have been involved with planning numerous Ubuntu California events since moving here. I was heavily involved with running the PennsylvaniaTeam before my move and currently am on the leadership team of the USTeams project where we help struggling US LoCos find the resources they need to become successful teams.
    Beyond my involvement in LoCos, I have extensive leadership experience from the Philadelphia Linux Users Group to the CommunityCouncil which I feel will benefit in helping the team move forward.
    Jack Deslippe (  jdeslip  )    /      Alameda       /
    County: Alameda
    I have been involved in the California team since mid-2009 and have contributed to several projects/joint-projects with the California team. See the above section.
    I was the founder of the Berkeley Linux User Group BerkeleyLUG - currently one of the most active LUGs in the Bay Area. I believe my experience leading this group will directly help me be an effective California team council-member.
    David Wonderly   (  DarkwingDuck  ) /  San Diego      / 
    For the past couple years I have been involved with Ubuntu California. From helping with SCaLE and representing Ubuntu CA at Camp KDE in San Diego I have tried to help where I could. At the beginning of the year I moved to Mississippi and help just start that LoCo. By the time I left to move back to San Diego we had built 13 Ubuntu Labs at Highschools in the state along with a Ubuntu Lab at the Child Center on Naval Base Meridian.
    I have recently separated from the US Navy and am back in San Diego for school. The California LoCo is something I believe in and I have tried to help at every moment I was in the state and I would be honored to continue to help the California LoCo.
    Here's the text of an update e-mail re: the process of choosing Councilors to our mailing list from pleia2:

    Hi everyone,

    As I announced earlier this month, the team was seeking candidates for

    In that discussion thread we agreed that 3 co-leaders is the best
    approach, and those who chose to give input supported the leadership
    document put together by Jack Deslippe here[1]

    We have now closed the window for candidates to put their names forth
    for a leadership positing and ended up with the following:

    As you can see, there are 3 candidates for the 3 spots! As such,
    instead of simply holding an election as a formality, the LoCo Council
    will wait until Sunday to confirm this new leadership, in that time
    giving folks in the team the opportunity to email them
    (loco-council at if anyone has any serious problems or
    concerns with these candidates.

    Thanks again to everyone who engaged in this discussion and process.


    Elizabeth Krumbach // Lyz // pleia2
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