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Thread: Anyone want to help me with this?

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    Lightbulb Anyone want to help me with this?

    I have ideas for a series of Ubuntu ads that can be posted on youtube and then spread throughout the internet. They're all silent except for mouse clicks, keyboard taps, the occasional printer or whatever sounds are coming out of the computer, which then all fades away as the logo fades in to fill the screen and at the same time the startup sound takes over the audio. On the last second, "" appears at the bottom.

    open software centre
    download an audio editor
    start editing some music clips
    logo w/ startup sound

    open software centre
    download gimp
    do some 'shopping
    drag the image past the cube edge...
    ... onto an OOo document of a cd cover
    logo w/ startup sound

    open PiTiVi
    do some video editing
    burn to disc
    logo w/ startup sound

    watch some YouTube
    turn the workspace cube around while the video is still playing
    send an email
    logo w/ startup sound

    change the default theme to look just like:
    ... a mac
    ... windows xp
    ... windows vista
    ... windows 7
    ... the old amiga
    ... something completely unique
    logo w/ startup sound

    search google for a clipart image
    drag it past the cube edge...
    ... onto a spreadsheet
    get back to work
    logo w/ startup sound

    show off some fancy visual effects
    including those found in Mac and Windows
    logo w/ startup sound

    EVE Online
    'nuff said
    logo w/ startup sound

    install Skype
    start a voice chat with webcam
    in under 30 seconds realtime
    logo w/ startup sound

    I'm not very good at much of this stuff (especially the "get back to work" one ), but I can probably do the combining on my home computer if someone can send me the screen captures. I'd also like to avoid any particularly technical things, so the screencaps shouldn't include someone programming, fiddling with configuration, using the terminal, etc. I want to take what Apple and Microsoft are bragging about lately and say "Yea? Me too. But, y'know... better."

    If anyone wants to give me a hand with this, or has any ideas for more, please drop me a line.

    I'm not looking for narrations, music videos, or ten-minute documentaries on shaky camcorders, just short crisp teasers.
    Different desktop resolutions/backgrounds would be nice, and they should all start with clean installs (or close to it).
    If they can't be kept under 30 seconds, try not to make them too busy so they can be chopped down.
    I might even chain a whole heap of them together to make an extended cut with credits.
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