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Thread: Starting out in networking and security

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    Starting out in networking and security

    Hello to all,
    I've wanted to learn networking and security for a while and after speaking with several people I realized that building my own network is the best way to go. I'm pursuing computer security as a hobby and a future career and I'm keeping things on the legal side. So with that stated I was wondering how you all think I should walk down this path.

    What ebooks or printed books should I consider reading?
    Should I buy 1 or maybe 2 computers to go along side my laptop?
    What type of specs should they have (processor, memory, hd space). I'm on a budget
    and am simply looking to learn networking and security.
    Should I install ubuntu on all my machines or is there another distro of linux that's free,
    easy to install, and security centered?
    One last question, (and it's a newbie question) why would one want to learn networking
    and security on a windows machine. I know there's money to be made on
    installing and managing windows networks, but can't a person connect to
    windows machine from linux and practice hacking or other securtiy related
    activities including simply transfering files?

    Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say?,

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    Re: Starting out in networking and security

    you should read the .pdf 'Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box' (fairly available for free on the web) and then research on all the stuff you don't understand(VPN, DNS, TCP, TLS, SSL, ) and learn some stuff. security will come naturally, set up a LAN and a couple of linux boxes and play. But don't 'tard-out' on someone elses net and look like a fool going to jail

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