The Quarter 4 ITT Linuxfest is planned for 11/20/2010 from 9 to 5
The flyer is not complete, but I wanted to announce the event now. It is 5 days before Thanksgiving, so we will see if we can get turkey pizza for the event.
As soon as the beautiful flyer is complete, I will attach a link to it here.

This was a little better organized around the Ubuntu 10.10 release (or at least it was later) so there will be some burned 10.10 disks to give away. If anybody has any professionally pressed copies to donate, they will be joyfully accepted. We still have a couple of SUSE disks, and various other burned disks.

Come and join us, if you will be in town.

-Wolf Halton
Senior Instructor
ITT Tech

PS If you would be interested in speaking or presenting a how-to at the event, let me know.