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Thread: Using Ubuntu to get to a Windows Laptop

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    Using Ubuntu to get to a Windows Laptop

    Good morning.

    I have a friend's laptop running Windows, either Vista or 7 where the video subsystem isn't working. The laptop monitor doesn't come up. I tried another monitor, and it comes up and then just stops, no video. But it is running and I plugged it into my network/router. The hard drive is working, but no video. Since she is a basic user, file sharing and remote access is not turned on. I would like to get to the hard drive to get files off. I have both Linux and Windows 7 on my computer. Is there anything in Linux that would allow me access to the hard drive so that I could pull files off? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Jim Macdonald

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    Re: Using Ubuntu to get to a Windows Laptop

    By far the simplest solution is to pull the hard drive and install it into another machine.
    If you ask for help, do not abandon your request. Please have the courtesy to check for responses and thank the people who helped you.

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