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Thread: Uninstall Nvidia drivers or make them work

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    Re: Uninstall Nvidia drivers or make them work

    Uninstalling the nvidia driver and settings and renaming the xorg conf file worked for me

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    Re: Uninstall Nvidia drivers or make them work

    Quote Originally Posted by DrJohn999 View Post
    Same problem here with Asus Eee 1215N. This one has BIOS 0605, Maverick 10.10 and kernel 2.6.35-25, all updated to today.

    In recovering I searched via aptitude and found the package nvidia-current-modaliases also was installed, however it has a dependency in nvidia-common so I let it be:
    > sudo aptitude purge nvidia-settings nvidia-current
    > sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.nvidia
    I wonder if 11.04 will fix all of this: I'm not particularly interested in trying to install the 2.6.36 kernel until Natty is ready.

    I took this system on the road for 2 weeks around Europe and the U.S., used it in several locations for presentations, ran wireless everywhere, wrote on airplanes, etc. Had to use my USB ethernet adapter as the built-in is useless with the current version. The battery life was a little short but really no additional problems other than in one place they wanted to use HDMI and we had to scramble for a VGA connector instead. There I coulda made use of the nvidia...
    Just installed Natty alpha 3 alongside Maverick on a Dell XPS15 L502X and no dice, so don't waste your time

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    Re: Uninstall Nvidia drivers or make them work

    I have a 128mb nvidia card installed also and was having the same problem getting it to work properly so I uninstantiated the drivers.

    Should I understand this to mean that I now have a piece of equipment installed in my machine that does nothing since the drivers are not installed?

    Anyone wanna buy a 128 mb nvidia card?

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    Re: Uninstall Nvidia drivers or make them work

    I have older cards that use the nvidia-96 packages (proprietary). The screw up is that dependencies need to be corrected for some stupid stub package from ver. 8 to ver. 8.0 (at least this is the only thing I read on Debian lists that made sense) To do this you will have to get the "source" (it looks that it comes with the binary driver), edit some "control" dependency file, and then recompile - easy for someone who packaged ubuntu before, but a no-go for most (including myself, although using Linux for more than 10 yrs now) - maybe a nice weekend project.

    Stop saying everything is working, it is not - I used to pride myself for the support Ubuntu used to have for older hardware, that newer OS-es would not bother to support anymore. I guess Canonical catches up to that business model !

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