Hello all,

i have been an ubuntu user for some years now, i am not very good with handling the terminal just so you know.
i have been having some problems that i dont exactly know how to solve.
I need to format the computer and reinstall ubuntu, my problem is how to save songbird data so that i would not have to make playlists, ratings, Cover arts all over again. It is a process that took a lot of time to comple and it is a work in progress.

First part of the problem are the cover arts. i have checked the box that from what i under stand means that when i save a cover its saved into the mp3s metadata so that i would not have to do it all over again if i wanted to move to another media library program. Problem is that when i access my media library from a program like easy tag i dont see the cover arts written in the metadata and i have to do it all over again.So the solution im looking to this problem is if theres a way to write all coverarts at once instead of doing it one by one. This is not a serious problem but it would take me some time.

The Big Problem is how to save Ratings and Playlists. ive noticed that there is a Folder named .Songbird in my /home directory that probably contains information about both the playlists and ratings.is there a way to save these and paste them into place after im done with formating; or better yet write them somewhere like "metadata" section so that i would have them no matter what program i ll be using.

I know these are a lot of questions to answer but for those that keep their library clean and neat and have invested the amount of time that i have to digitalize their cds and keep them in a library its a serious matter.

Any kind of help with any of the problems i have would be more that apprieciated. Im sorry for my english i hope i didint make any serious mistakes.

Thanks a lot for this great forum that has helped me avoid windows for so many years.