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Thread: Miro and Flash support

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    Question Miro and Flash support

    Hi forum,

    i write this post because googling in the internet i didn't find a solution.

    I recently discovered Miro, and i liked it very much. Unfortunately, every time i try to watch flash videos with Miro, i get the error message i attach below, stating that i miss adobe flash 10 support.

    the point is that i've installed such a plugin: indeed on firefox i can see every youtube video without any problem.

    how do i get the miro application to find the plugin? do you know which browser miro uses? do you know how to debug the application in order to find where it is looking for the (missing) adobe plugin?

    I didn't mention I'm using ubuntu 10.10, this is the result of uname -a

    Linux Locanda 2.6.35-22-generic #35-Ubuntu SMP Sat Oct 16 20:45:36 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    i followed the instructions in these posts, but they didn't work:

    in case there is not a solution for this, would you suggest me any alternative to miro?
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