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Thread: 10.10 / drives not detected / Marvell / SIL5723

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    10.10 / drives not detected / Marvell / SIL5723

    Have a Asus P5Q Premium with SIL5723 and I guess Marvell drivers (61xx / 88se6121). Everything was working nice when running 10.04.
    After installing 10.10 Ubuntu would not recognise disks on the SIL5723. I have part of a Raid 6 on these connectors. ICH10 disks no problems.

    Running old rescueCD showed Raid was ok. Also recognised by BIOS and see disks when starting the PC. With Ubuntu Live CD 10.10 same problem. Raid however not destroyed as Raid not mounted.

    Started 10.10 today with kernel 2.6.32 and raid mounted and working perfect. Guess 2.6.32 is long term stable release. However with this kernel I'm not able to run Gparted and there might be other problems as well. Guess 2.6.32 was available as upgraded and did not do a fresh install.

    Looks this is a Linux kernel (2.6.35) problem. I'm not able to find Marvell drivers to install. Not keen on going back to 10.04 either.

    What to do?
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    Re: 10.10 / drives not detected / Marvell / SIL5723

    With 10.04 gparted needs kpartx installed before the raids will show up in gparted. You might find other problems trying to run the 2.6.32 kernel with 10.10.
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