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Thread: Netflix streaming via Wii emulator?

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    Netflix streaming via Wii emulator?

    I found a Wii emulator called Dolphin. [Official Site] [Wikipedia]

    I am thinking about trying to use the disk/Netflix app on this to stream movies to Ubuntu. Has anyone tried this?

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    Re: Netflix streaming via Wii emulator?

    Cool! Now I know what to do on rainy days...

    Are there legal ramifications to Dolphin? I see it is being worked on by Google Code, but certainly there must be some patent technicalities?

    According to this thread:

    Dolphin does not (as of June 2010) yet emulate online connectivity functions of the Wii.

    I suspect that would be a very tough nut to crack, since I'm sure the Wii service probably has some sort of gateway function to Netflix (instead of streaming content coming directly from Netflix).
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