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Thread: Remove gnome GUI

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    Angry Remove gnome GUI

    Hi all
    I am new to Linux, have used KDE/SLAX before but am now attempting to use linux on my old computer to accomplish these objectives:

    1) Run an FTP so I (& my mates) can access files anywhere wit ease(no dramas).
    2) Enable sharing of my drives so I can put files from Laptop into this computer

    Now I have successfully Installed Ubuntu Server (Finallllly) but then messed up cuz I installed the Gnome GUI and now cant find any place where I can type any sudo commands. vsftpd should work for me right??
    Can I just uninstall Gnome?? Alt-F2 --> "gnome terminal" doesn't work

    Any help would be really appreciated. thanks

    P.S I didn't get much help at servers so em here

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    Re: Remove gnome GUI

    Alt+F2 <gnome-terminal>

    Note the hyphen!

    Assuming gnome terminal is in the default gnome install, that should get it for you.

    Otherwise a simple Ctrl+Alt+F1 would take you to a command line where you login as usual, and enter commands the same as in the gnome-terminal.

    If you really want to remove all of gnome look at the Pure gnome, Pure KDE etc etc on the Playing around section on the left hand pane of this page:-
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