Guys: I've tried to install KDE 4.4 on debian 5 and I've yet to get this to work. Right now I installed Debian 5 from the disk marked:

Offical CD KDE i386 Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.3 "Lenny" and that installs KDE 3.x.

According to Synanptic I installed kdebase-runtime-bin-kde 4:4.1.0-2 and when I did, it uninstalled kdebase-bin-kde3

But after trying several things to install KDE4.4 I'm still stuck in KDE 3.

I'm thinking I don't have all of the repositories needed but have no idea where they are.

This system is:
Asus Eee 1000HA:
2g memory
160g HD
1.60mhz ATOM processor
Ubuntu 9.04 installed as well.