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Thread: Sound on PC speakers, no sound on TV

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    Question Sound on PC speakers, no sound on TV

    Before I upgraded to 10.10, I would hear sound on both my PC speakers and on my TV.

    The speakers are connected via the standard speaker out, the TV was connected via the line-out, through a stereo to RCA adapter. Video is supplied to the TV via HDMI.

    Now that I've upgraded to Maverick, however, I no longer get sound on the TV. This isn't the usual "sound stopped working completely on upgrade" issue, because I get flawless sound via the PC speakers just as before. I've tried most of the debugging steps recommended in other threads about audio, with no improvement.

    The weird thing about all this is, when I plug other speakers or headphones into the same port, I hear audio.

    So I'm starting to suspect that the problem has to do with the HDMI audio out capability on my video card (an nvidia GT 240), which might have suddenly come alive (if not fully functional) with Maverick's new version of ALSA. I don't know what signal(s) my TV thinks it's getting and have no way of troubleshooting things on that side, but it seems possible that the HDMI it's getting video through is also sending a null/silent audio stream, and that stomps the analog audio signal it's getting from my sound card.

    I see two output devices in Sound Preferences, "Internal Audio" and "High Definition Audio Controller". "Internal Audio", ie my onboard sound, is what's producing audio via the speakers. HDMI has never produced any audio, and I don't really need it to if I can just make it work the way it did before. I've tried completely disabling that device, even adding the "snd_hda_codec_nvhdmi" module to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist - no change.

    The solution for this could be one of two things: one, I could try to get the HDMI audio out working and let that be what my TV receives, two I try to make the audio setup work as before, with analog audio going to both speakers and TV.

    Thoughts? I'm leaning towards the latter, ie not bothering with the HDMI audio, as having another audio source would probably mean messing with PulseAudio which has otherwise worked 100% fine for me up until now. If need be I can supply more details on hardware, CLI output etc.

    For what it's worth, the line-out analog audio has never worked on my windows XP partition.
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