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Thread: sda1 corrupted and unmountable

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    Re: sda1 corrupted and unmountable

    I love you guys, SLAX did it for me... THANKS!

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    Re: sda1 corrupted and unmountable

    Usb stick with Trinity rescue kit (

    fsck /dev/sda* fix the problem.

    Before i'm try a systemrescuecd ( and liveUSB Xubuntu it says that partition is busy.

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    Exclamation Re: sda1 corrupted and unmountable

    Quote Originally Posted by onivan View Post

    There is a more simple way to fix the issue without booting to Slax. Just boot to "Rescue a broken system" from your Ubuntu LiveCD and simply choose "Do not use a root filesystem" and "Execute a shell in the installer environment" on the "Enter rescue mode" screens and you will get "No filesystems were mounted".

    I had the same issue in my Ubuntu 10.10 running inside VirtualBox and could do fsck in this rescue mode.
    Here the screencast (watch the HD version)
    How do you access the hidden option in the newer versions of Ubuntu? the only options I see are: Try Ubuntu and Install Ubuntu. There is no more System Rescue, Memtest, check disk, or other useful tools.

    Also, to everyone else:
    Ubuntu Live CD will NOT work as Recovery CD (the way most Live Linux CD's do.)

    The problem is that Ubuntu tries to mount all the disks. Since one of the disks is corrupted, it won't mount it, but it will lock it in the hope that it will eventually be mountable.

    Because of this, fsck cannot fix the disk (because it is auto-mounted and locked).

    Most other Linux Live CD's will not mount all your disks, so you can do fsck on them.

    Conclusion is that Recent Ubuntu Live CD's are not the ulimate Linux Live CD's anymore. Now you also need a separate Live CD to fix the Ubuntu corrupted partitions. Slax, among many is a good choice mainly beucause it's easy to install on a USB, and takes about 200 MB (faster download)

    Way to go SLAX!

    Shame on Ubuntu for not being able to fix itself !

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