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Thread: No video in 10.04, ok in 8.04

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    No video in 10.04, ok in 8.04

    Right now I have a sandbox machine running Hardy, which it is doing almost tolerably through an HDTV. But when I put in a 10.04 LiveCD, it POSTs just fine, and then goes blank, with no menu options. Yes, the cd is fine, I've tested it on my main pc. I've tried this with both the normal cd and the minimal, since the minimal is what I really want.

    The purpose of this is two-fold: I'm new to the Linux OS, so I'm trying to do it ground up as a learning exercise, but the ultimate objective is to have a dedicated XBMC-based HTPC running rtorrent through rutorrent. I suppose the ultimate requirements are that it support those three programs, and openssh, which isn't much.

    The questions, then, are these: Do I gain anything by taking Maverick over Hardy in such a minimal install? What changed between the two that I can no longer get a picture? How can I switch to terminal from the install menu without a picture? If I install through terminal, will I have picture when I eventually install X for XBMC?

    I'm sure someone will suggest I use XBMCbuntu, and maybe that's a great idea, but it doesn't answer my questions and derails the learning process.
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    Re: No video in 10.04, ok in 8.04

    Weeeell, so I had the miniUbuntu 10.04 disk in, and nothing showed on the screen. I waited maybe five minutes, did a couple reboots, whatever. I came in here and posted, hung around for half an hour trying to figure out what else to do, went back in the media room, and it was up. So, I guess that's that.

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