I'm a bit late to the party but have to thank you for this step by step that had my wireless up an running in short order.

I spent most of yesterday trying all sorts of workarounds and config solutions from the web and ubuntu forums. This morning I decided on a fresh install in the hopes of getting my wifi and HDMI sound working. In the bright light of day I found this post and after the few short minutes of reading, downloading and editing I was on my way to making the install.

I had wifi running almost immediately and it hasn't disconnected on its own yet (4 hours), but does does disconnect and reconnect as it should.

Many thanks -- you are a genius!


PS anyone still struggling with the second problem when installing linux on an Acer Revo -- no HDMI sound -- the fix for mine was simply to unmute S/PIDF1 using alsamixer -- launch it using the terminal and put mm instead of 00 in the S/PIDF1 column