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Thread: Request for Sticky

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    Question Request for Sticky

    Kinda looked around and was looking for the rules / police on making a post a sticky.

    Looking at making a post I started over a year ago on getting Ubuntu to work using the GMA500 / Poulsobo Chipset. Has over 400,000+ Views So I think its pretty popular considering alot of the original netbooks have the chipset.

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    Re: Request for Sticky

    If you take a look at the other stickies you'll see that they are more general in nature.

    If this was made a sticky then so should others of the same ilk - in no time at all there would be so many stickies that the first page of the actual support requests would be on page 2 ...

    The best that could happen (in my opinion) would be to move it to Tutorials and Tips - if that was the case the first post would need to be inline with the criteria -

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