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Thread: [BANSHEE 1.8] Duplicate imports

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    Question [BANSHEE 1.8] Duplicate imports


    I have serious trouble with the importing of new tracks in Banshee mediaplayer. I use Banshee since 1.2 and now we're at 1.8 and I still like it. But I've noticed that when importing a folder with mixed new and already imported tracks, Banshee imports duplicates of tracks with comma's "," and "&" in the artist-, track- or albumtitle. At first I couldn't find the culprit, but just now I noticed that every track that has a comma in the title or artist, is imported over and over again. There are tracks in my library with over a dozen duplicates, all tracks with a comma or "&" in them!

    Is there something wrong with Banshee with it's handling of titles with comma's, or might there be something wrong with the character encoding used by Banshee's SQLite database? And how can I solve this problem, because I have folders which I fill with new tracks from time to time, like, "Beatport" for all my Beatport downloads. These are huge folders with >1500 tracks each easily.

    I also use Ex Falso for the first tag cleanup actions before I import them into Banshee. Thoughts on that?

    Thanks in advance!
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